Sunday, March 1, 2015

Ploiesti friends came and I didn't even take pictures.

Heyoo. So this week we had Zone Conference! It was big and crazy. President I invited another one of his British friends, this time he was an MP! David Rutley's his name. He was a missionary in the mission where President I's dad was mission president. He was really cool. 

My favorite part was when he got up to speak.  The first thing he did was talk about how cocky President I is!! We were all laughing so hard because he was just roasting our mission president in front of like 2 whole zones!! It was the coolest/funniest thing ever! And clearly this is all infinitely better because he's got a British accent. 

But the best part was when he was talking about how "them Ivories" always have the wildest ideas and ambitions, and the most frustrating thing is that they do always succeed!! Haha it was just so funny to see somebody who knew President I as a teenager talking about him/throwing down on him. But it was really good and he was really inspiring. This zone conference was a lot more intense for various reasons but all in all it was really good. 

Oh, favorite thing of the week! Two people from Ploiesti came on Sunday!! Andrei the recent RM and Alexandra the recent convert came! Andrei was asked by the district president to come and speak on some things and Alexandra just came to say hi! It was so great to see them again. They are seriously some of my best friends I've met in Romania. So that was easily one of the highlights of my week.

Also, other best freaking highlight of my week, I GOT THE CHRISTMAS PACKAGE!!! You guys are really good at packing!! There literally was not one inch of unused space in that thing. Thank you so much!! I'm gonna get so fat haha. 

Guys don't let me get fat when I get home. I need to get a gym membership and go like everyday and limit my fast food and crap when I get home. I'm also going to go on walks sometimes. Yeah :) It'll be so good.

Well that's all I can do today. Love you all!!! Have a great week!

-Elder DeGraw

Hey hey I got a new suit

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